BAOTI Group will be guided by the spirit of the 19thNational Congress of the Communist Party and socialism with Chinese characteristics,Adhere to reform as a breakthrough,to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, try our best to push quality reform, efficiency reform, power reform forward,comprehensively deepening reform and implementinnovative development model, With "five certain" for start,  promote the new labor personnel salary system reform, carry forward the "BAOTI craftsman" spirit, Making work Pay, skills get pay , stimulate the enterprise vitality to the greatest extent, market-oriented, strong propulsion based on group headquarters operation core, advance 1+N reform model,practice flattening management model and integration of manufacturing and marketing operation model, devote to aerospace products and actively engage in industrial products, realize state-owned property stronger bigger and better,adjust the industrial structure of products, through improve innovation ability and the ability to inherit the enterprise core competitiveness, improve productive income ratio, realize a steady rise in profits, firmly step to the world famous titanium industry .

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